Welding – Getting it together

Walk into a junk or metal scrap yard and all you see around you is a mass of seemingly useless objects. In reality, when correctly combined, those materials have the potential to be almost anything. That’s what welding’s all about: taking the useless or broken and turning it into something new. Bringing what was torn apart back together. As emotional and sentimental as it sounds, its not exactly pleasant work. When you have to hold a welding tool that can burn up to heat levels of 3,500 Celsius. That’s a lot of heat. A lot. It takes only 100 Celsius degrees of heat to boil water and that’s already hot enough for anyone. Take that heat output and multiply it by 35. Maybe in the state of Texas the welding torch isn’t as hot for some people, but wherever it is, it’s always capable of cutting through inches of steel which reason enough for anyone to stay far away from it as possible. Dangerous as it might be, it’s still a fairly simple process. If it were to get anymore complicated however, expect to see a rise in accidents in fabrication and machine shops. Still, welding is essential and won’t be going anywhere for a long time. Welding’s one of those thing’s where the process couldn’t be any simpler, but the consequences of messing up couldn’t be any more dangerous. Appreciate all those welders out their making our industries stable because they definitely deserve it!