Structual Steel Fabrication


Welding overhead

Structural Steel Fabrication at Arc Designs, Inc. in Houston Texas is what we do.  ADI can fabricate a wide variety of steel, stainless and aluminum structures, fames or brackets.  We can offer a simple part to a very complex job with thousands parts.  CNC Plate Cutting and CNC Machining all in house, helps us control our quality and delivery time.  Contact us today to see how we can help on your next project.

Fabrication is the making of metal tools and structure via bending, cutting, welding, or assembling. The fabrication process is more important than you know. Those in the industry are aware of the importance, but to industry outsiders, the term fabrication is unknown. Common misconceptions of resources such as gas and electricity being the most important in industries are everywhere. Walk into an office and ask anyone: “What’s the most important thing here?” Chances are they’ll say the boss, money, the energy source powering the office, or clients. Many overlook the most important aspect of business and production: What makes it all possible in the first place.

Arc Designs Inc. has years of of experience. Combined with their expert employees and working knowledge, Arc Designs Inc. will ALWAYS provide the best in products and services that far surpasses the normal industry standards. Arc Designs Inc. specializes in what’s most-needed, but is fully able of also doing ANY work within the industry. Approach Arc Designs Inc. with the full confidence that we exceed the quality and performance of any fabrication company. ADI is one of a handful of metal fabricators in the tri-state area that have the prestigious 4F Certification from API.