Plate Cutting & Sawing – Cutting for Dummies

When you hear about sawing, not much comes to mind except, well, a saw. It’s a fairly basic process that’s used often enough to where everyone knows of it, but not enough to where everyone really knows much about it. One would think that sawing’s just sawing. That’s what it is and that’s just how it’s gonna be. Contrary to popular belief, sawing’s not just a handle attached to a sharped jagged blade. Yes it’s quite true, sawing can be sophisticated and be used for more than cutting wood and killing off people in horror movies. All jokes aside, sawing really has evolved over the years since its inception. Nowadays, there are mechanical saws such as the radial arm and electric miter saw that can do much more than just cut wood. Cutting through pure rock and steel is entirely possible now. Of course if you’re in the industry, this isn’t news, but for many people outside of the industry, it may come as a shock when you tell them that giant mechanical piece of a machine is a saw. Yes that is a saw and it is cutting through many inches of steel.

Plate cutting’s pretty much in the same boat when it comes to general public knowledge. Heck some people might even think its where you cut dishes. Although with plate cutting tools, that is most definitely possible, it is also most definitely not what the process is about. Plates of metal must be cut and shaped a certain way for specific projects. The best part about it is that you don’t even really have to do it yourself anymore! With the aid of computers, CNC Plate Cutting aka Computer Numerical Control Plate Cutting is where the computer and the software utilized with it does all the work for you. Well not all of it. Employees still have to be trained in using the software, the computer, and still be educated on how plate cutting works. Even if a doctor can just press a button to complete a surgery, you’d sure feel a whole lot better if he we knew what he was doing anyways. Even if a computer was there to make it much easier.