Fabrication – Core of the Industry

Every day you can see cars, construction, and various tools that have their own purpose. Where do they all come from? Many would say some sort of factory. They’re both wrong and right. Products like cars and tools do come from a factory, but the factory itself still needs the tools to actually create the products. This is where it all begins – fabrication.

Fabrication is the making of metal tools and structure via bending, cutting, welding, or assembling. The fabrication process is more important than you know. Those in the industry are aware of the importance, but to industry outsiders, the term fabrication is unknown. Common misconceptions of resources such as gas and electricity being the most important in industries are everywhere. Walk into an office and ask anyone: “What’s the most important thing here?” Chances are they’ll say the boss, money, the energy source powering the office, or clients. Many overlook the most important aspect of business and production: What makes it all possible in the first place.


But entrepreneurship and determination aren’t what makes a business! You can have the greatest ideas possible, but without a way to set up a place of business and the means or tools to get the job done, nothing will happen. The power plant that generates energy for us to use was created from fabrication. The transmission tower that transport the energy across states and the country is made from fabrication. The construction tools and materials for creating an office is made from fabrication. Almost anything you use can be traced back to fabrication.

Fabrication sounds simple enough, but it isn’t. Each type of metal material used must be worked with in a specific way. Specific heat, chemical composition, and the grade of the material are the three usual characteristics of a metal that must be known to work with it correctly. You could bring the most expensive piece of metal into a fabrication shop, but it’s worthless if you work on it the wrong way. 200,000$ worth of materials used with the wrong level of heat? Worthless. The integrity of the material will be comprised and the result of using the comprised material will only result in a product with low quality and durability.

At the end of the day, fabrication may or may not be the absolute most important process in all the industries. However, one can also say that it’s hard to place a higher emphasis on one process than the other. The reason being that industries always have many processes that each contribute to the overall success. You can’t have one without the other. Fabrication may not be a high priority, but you won’t get anywhere without it.