Plate Burning

Bevel Head

CNC Plate Cutting in Houston, Texas done RIGHT!   Plate Cutting up to 10ft x 40ft plate, with thickness ranges from 1/8″ to 8″ thick.  Carbon Steel grades from A36, A572-50 and A514 steel in stock.  Aluminum and Stainless cutting with our Hy-Def Plasma allows for a quality cut every time.  Cutting Bevels on the table is a snap, our NEW 360 degree Bevel Head is fully programmable to burn straight and radius bevels while the parts are being cut to size. 

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Plate Cutting Line Sheet

10ft x 40ft Cutting Table

20ga to 8in Thick

2 OXY Fuel Torches

1 Hy Def 400 AMP Plasma Head

CNC 360deg Beveling Head on Plasma

Can bevel top and bottom of plate and landing, or full bevel up to certain thickness

8ft x 20ft Cutting Table, OXY Fuel Torch, 200 AMP Conventional Plasma

CAD/CAM Nesting, can import customer 2D or 3D parts

Full Traceability using Cad/Cam and ERP software for data books