NEW CNC Plate Cutting

BevelHeadArc Designs, Inc. will be taking delivery of its new plate cutting machine in Jan 2014.  Our new machine will have the cutting capacity of 10ft x 40ft for plate from 24 ga to 8in thick, plasma cutting using a 400 amp Hydef cutting machine and multiple Oxyfuel stations.  We will be able to bevel using the CNC 360deg plasma bevel head to allow us to bevel plates on the table while being cut out to allow for faster production time.  The bevel head will rotate around 360 deg to go around a radius, for example a pad eye that requires a bevel/chamfer for a guide or weld bevel.  This machine will also etch using the plasma head and the pneumatic peen head to label parts with any data needed while on the table before being cut out and cleaned.  Over all the machine will increase our production to allow for faster and more accurate on delivery dates.