Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Units are needed worldwide to operate all kinds of equipment from right here locally to remote drilling sites. ADI has many standard HPU’s to choose from, or can design one for your specific needs. All of our standard units can be modified some due to the needs you may have to help save costs of designing a custom unit if its not necessary. If  its more connections you need, or a higher-pressure output, or maybe you just need to add some room for more hose storage. We can make those changes to get you the best unit for your needs. We can supply your HPU power with electric &/or engine driven motors. Horsepower is not a problem for our units,once we see what ranges you need to operate in, and what environment, we can help pick out the correct motor, whether electric, gas or diesel. All our skids will be able to fit your transportation needs, this is an important design aspect we pay attention to so that you will always be able to move the unit whether in the shop, for trucking, or out in a remote location. Our skids can be equipped with fork truck pockets; pad eyes for lifting, or equipped to tail board onto a trailer if needed. ADI also builds units for stacking on standard containers or on other equipment; we can use ISO corners for a standard that will work around the world.  ADI also makes the best tanks in the industry; we can build standard tanks to complex tight fitting tanks to help with space on a unit. We build tanks using carbon steel, aluminum and mostly we use stainless steel for the corrosion resistance and strength that it provides. ADI can also upgrade your current unit, whether you just need new houses, valves or gauges or more. We can then flush, test, & run the unit to perform as expected by the operator in the field. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your next Hydraulic Power Unit.

Why It’s Important

Having a power source seems quite basic, but when powering hydraulic systems there are a number of things to consider. Depending on the complexity and size of the hydraulics system, a specific type of hydraulic power unit is necessary in order to efficiently and safely power the entire hydraulics system. Using the wrong type of hydraulic power unit can and will affect the hydraulic pumps and motors negatively.

Efficiency & Quality

At Arc Designs Inc. customer satisfaction is the #1 priority. Customers deserve nothing less than the best. Therefore, we aim to always provide the most efficient & suitable hydraulic power unit to ensure the best in quality & efficiency. It’s just important to us as it is to you that your hydraulic systems and motors run at 100%. Arc Designs Inc. is proud to give the absolute best in hydraulic power units for your guaranteed satisfaction and benefit.

For More Information

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