Arc Designs Inc. has been welding for over a decade. With our vast experience in welding, Arc Designs Inc. specializes in FCAW, GMAW, GTAW, and SMAW welding. Although we specialize in many types of welding, we aren’t limited. Our equipment is always correctly aligned and used only in the safest of environments to guarantee quality welding and customer satisfaction.

At Arc Designs  Inc., we specialize in working with A514 (T1) plate materials with the use of welding procedures that applied to T1 plates, mild steel, 4130, and also 4340 materials. Arc Designs Inc. is fully aware of the risks involving welding with T1 materials. We have a golden track record in welding so you can come to us with full confidence. Stainless steel and aluminum are also two types of materials that Arc Designs Inc. knows well. Arc Designs Inc. manufactures fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks, skids, handrails, and many other structures and products for various industries.

When welding with stainless steel, Arc Designs Inc. applies either FCAW, GMAW, or GTAW and does so accordingly resulting in optimal welding time, quality, and proper base metal penetration. When welding aluminum, Arc Designs Inc. applies either GMAW or GTAW welding as well as a Pulsed Mig for optimal heat control and penetration.

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