Arc Designs Inc. can do all types of sawing in various degrees of complexity and size. It’s a vital component in manufacturing that can increase production and cut costs in many industries. We have all the necessary equipment and experience in working with small items such as the 1Ž4”square bar, yet we are equally capable of working with a 24” wide flange beam. After being sawed, the part will be calibrated via a programmed dimension and cut the final length or retain its current size.

Arc Designs Inc.’s production saw is an automatic vertical band saw that is capable of cutting from one to an infinite number of pieces. It can also miter 60 degrees from both directions which allows us to move material through the saw faster and safer resulting in jobs being completed faster and extreme precision to the degree of .015” per cut. Arc Designs Inc. also utilizes horizontal bands that are used for smaller sized materials from 10×12” and below which allows for a faster set up when necessary. Several more options for low volume or “one off” parts are available before or during manufacturing.

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