Arc Designs Inc. provides CNC plate burning and line burning services. All jobs are done in-house at Arc Designs Inc.’s shop so we personally guarantee the quality of every job and product. We use specialized and advanced software to draw, import, organize, and nest all parts efficiently resulting in punctual product delivery. All parts and any relevant data can be retrieved at a moment’s notice. Each part is always assigned a customer’s PO number and a work order. With every part labeled and efficiently documented, all processes related to the part is streamlined and smooth.

Customers can also opt to give us 2D drawings from a CAD software so that Arc Designs Inc. can import the shapes for each part and eliminate any re-drawing errors or missing dimensions. We use Oxy-Fuel and Plasma Arc on our CNC table and straight cutting machines. Arc Designs Inc. has a 8 x 20 ft. CNC table that lets us burn plates from 3/16” and up & various sheet metal sizes ranging from 24ga and thicker including deck plates in all 3 grades. Tubes, beams, and channels are also completely within Arc Designs Inc.’s capabilities as well and our CNC table enables us to add complex shape designs or fast layouts.

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