Arc Designs Inc. has its own machine shop in order to provide customers with the best service possible to personally guarantee the quality of products that require machining. We cut and machine any material to the finest degree by using a CAD program that greatly enhances the measurements of materials and the calibration of equipments.  Arc Designs Inc. prides itself in being completely capable of large milling operations using a massive mill machine that can machine parts up to 40” wide, 120” in length, and 40” in height.

Here at Arc Designs Inc we can machine large castings and plates for many purposes and applications. Materials that Arc Designs Inc. work with everyday include A514 Steel, 4140, 4130, 4340, mild steel, , quenched steel, tempered steel, and many different grades of stainless steel and aluminum. Here at Arc Designs Inc. we are committed to bring the best in machining through the use of advanced technology. Our specialized equipment and software enables us to provide custom designs in machining for all customers.

Among the many processes Arc Designs Inc. uses in machining includes drill and tapping, facing surfaces, milling out and around any shape, producing custom and standard  fittings, manufacturing manifolds with NPT and SAE ports, custom engravings and 3D shapes. Arc Designs Inc. has a unique way of machining plates which will be added to a weldment. We are also fully capable in designing and manufacturing custom jigs and fixtures for bringing together multiple parts for precise assembly.

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