Arc Designs Inc. uses coating services from vendors that have high quality products that meet our own standards to ensure the best quality and durability in products. These services include industrial painting, powder coating, industrial galvanizing, and metalizing. Many, if not all projects at Arc Designs Inc. require coating and we add this service to be applied so that customers can receive the product completely finished.

Our coating partners can blast, prime, and topcoat with any brand or specification you may require. Arc Designs Inc. works with customers to inform them of all the options available to them for coating and various colors. We completely understand that the proper preparation of the product is necessary to improve the look and quality of the coating and always prepares the materials in the best way possible. We can also provide power coating and metalizing should a customer need it which has their own advantages over other coatings.

While power coating and metalizing are not as common in heavy fabricated products, they have unique properties that serve their purposes in different environments.

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