Arc Designs Inc. provides bending and rolling services that are done within our own shop. We use a bending machine that is capable of making repeat bends from 1 to 180 degrees every time. An ability which is of paramount importance in the fabrication industry. Arc Designs Inc. specializes in manufacturing steel and aluminum hand rails. We can build anything from a simple top rail style with legs to complex designs with multiple bends that go on an inclined leaving no flat or square surfaces.

Arc Designs Inc. is also fully capable of developing machines that can match the bend to exactly what the customers need as well as designing and building custom pressbreak dies and stamping dies. We also utilize rolling bar stocks to complete various goals of bending and/or arching materials to the specified dimensions. Arc Designs Inc. can roll round, square, and angles into arcs or circles larger than a 12” diameter. This enables us to build custom parts that include, but is not limited to railings and towers.

Arc Designs Inc.’s rolling machine is fully programmable and repeatable for high volume productions. We can help out with any type of bending and rolling needs as well as showing customers how certain bending and rolling services can lower costs and increase the speed of production.

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