Crown Frames

Arc Designs, Inc. is a licensed API 4F manufacturer of crown frames. The crown frame has two distinct parts containing separate drilling rig functions. The frame is structure of the crown which gives stability to the top of the drilling rig. The second part is the sheaves that are mounted on the top of the frame that guide the wire ropes up and down the inside of the mast. Arc Designs Inc. knows the importance of each part within a drilling rig and overlooks nothing to give the best in quality and safety for all customers. ADI knows there are many types of crown frames from basic to the modern designs that take in the function and weight aspects of modern drilling. Our facility is also equipped to repair and upgrade any existing crown frames you have, please contact us to see how we can support you in new products or upgrades.

Why It’s Important

The frame is essential to the overall drilling rig structure because it is the structural system at the top which transfers loads through the interconnected parts in the drilling rig. Without the frame, the drilling rig would lack the stability to perform correctly. The block is what connects the pulleys or hooks to the many other interconnected parts which facilitates the operational success of the drilling rig.

Quality and Safety

Arc Designs knows that each part of the drilling rig needs to be at its best for optimum overall performance. Not only is the performance important, but even more so the safety of the customers. Arc Designs Inc., prides itself in being able to provide not only the best in performance, in safety as well.

For More Information

Arc Designs Inc. is a full service fabrication company that excels in providing the best to customers in its industry. API and AWS certified, any product or service Arc Designs Inc. provides is guaranteed to be top of the line quality and unsurpassed in performance.

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