Design – Not Your Average Artist

Design typically means fashion, colors, and other glamorous aspects. In the world of fabrication? Not so much. Your usual designer and artist can paint beautiful images and design fancy dresses to wear at red carpet events. That’s one way to go. Designers or “artists” if you will, in the fabrication industry focus more on what it should be rather than dreaming about its possibilities. Designing in the fabrication industry means drawing blue prints of the most complicated machinery and tools. Additionally, they must account for what materials must be used, how much of it, and where. Of course its not always for a complicated project, but lets face it. In this day in age, if the project was that simple, you wouldn’t be calling in a professional to create the architecture of the product.

This is what you might think of when you hear the word artist in the normal world:

This is what an designer or “artist” does in our world of fabrication:

Design isn’t always flashy or beautiful, but in the world of fabrication, design carries its own meaning and unique beauty.