Coating – It’s Not Just Good Looking

So the materials been worked with, cut, machined, and it’s been through so many other various processes. You have nice shiny fabricated product. Too bad it’s not going to last long. That is, unless you use the proper coating. Though it’s uncommon, overlooking coating on metal products still occurs. What people outside the industry needs to know is that yes, the product has been created, but no, you can’t run off with it just yet. Every product needs to be last a good long time, otherwise it’ll be worth significantly less. This is achieved through a coating process. Typically, a well applied layer of industrial paint will prevent the usual corrosion. However, for longer lasting effects, industrial galvanizing and powder coating can be used. Galvanizing and powder coating lasts much longer and works much better as well. The reason for this is because the galvanizing and powder coating process essentially fuses the protective coating with the material on the surface. Keep in mind that some materials such as aluminum don’t necessarily require coating to be corrosion resistant because they already naturally are. In fact, the rust and corrosion that occurs is what’s turned into the protective coating that prevents further corrosion on materials such as aluminum. Be careful how you coat your products because it may or may not be the best way to do it.