Arc Designs, Inc.

Built on Quality, Service, and Excellence

Quality is a driving force at Arc Designs Inc. Every employee knows that this is a strong asset to currently have. Our “Quality Policy and Objectives” are written down and known throughout the office and shop. They’re also in every job we complete. ADI works to ensure quality and continual improvement to meet customer and ISO 9001:2008, API Q1 and applicable API 4F requirements.  We also focus on customer satisfaction.  Each year we send out surveys to all customers to see how we rate. We want to know from bidding to delivery how we rank at their company. Then we look at the data and work on improving in any areas that we need to, no matter what it takes. At ADI, the management team knows that we must fully support the policies, objectives and procedures set forth in our Quality Management System and that we will provide the resources necessary for its constant improvement.

Since the beginning in 1999, Arc Designs Inc. has implemented and followed what we call the 6 golden steps:

1. Safety 4. Effectiveness
2. Quality 5. Efficiency
3. Productivity 6. Ethics

Arc Designs Inc. goes above and beyond the norm to ensure customer satisfaction through the safety and efficiency of their employees. Every single equipment we use at Arc Designs Inc. is logged and calibrated by N.I.S.T. standards. Arc Designs Inc. is 100% compliant with all OSHA general safety standards and specifications.  Arc Designs Inc. holds certifications with:

  • API Q1 & TS29001 – Arc Designs Inc. is fully qualified to work on any task in the oil & gas industry
  • API 4F – Arc Designs holds an API 4F license to fabricate and service drilling rigs
  • ISO 9001 – Arc Designs has the best quality management system in place for both the customer and employee’s benefit

Acquiring every single certification necessary and possible is our way of promising you the best service and products at Arc Designs Inc. Our employees health and family are also extremely important to us. Arc Designs Inc. has weekly meetings to address issues and concerns of safety with all employees to ensure the continued success and efficiency at Arc Designs Inc. All employees that at Arc Designs Inc. are initiated through orientation and are fully trained before stepping foot into our production facilities. Crane and forklift operators and welders are fully certified to provide the best and safest service possible. Everything that matters to our employees and customers, matters to us. Arc Designs Inc. offers only the absolute best to everyone.

Quality Is Our Number One Goal!

Quality is the number one goal at Arc Designs, Inc. One of Josh Norris’, President of Arc Designs, Inc., favorite quotes is by Howard W. Newton.  “People forget how fast you did a job-but they ALWAYS remember how well you did it.” Josh states, “No matter how big or small the project might be, I will not allow it to be sent to our client if it is not the absolute best quality that Arc Designs, Inc. can produce.” He continued, “many times, peoples lives depend on our products, and we cannot risk putting out anything other than perfection.”

This commitment to excellence starts from the top and it is seen with every employee no matter what their contribution. By employing only highly skilled staff  and using the most technologically advanced equipment, allows Arc Designs, Inc. to produce premium products with guaranteed excellent service and quality.

If you are looking for the top notch full service custom fabrication company, you need to look no further. Give us a call today at 281-940-0430 or Request A Quote, and let Arc Designs, Inc. put our experience and expertise to work for you TODAY!