Arc Designs, Inc.


Arc Designs, Inc. is a full service custom fabrication company that prides itself on providing customer satisfaction. Precise planning, execution, and customer service has fueled ADI to become a leader in the fabrication industry. ADI’s client base includes industries consisting of, but not limited to: oil and gas, environmental, commercial, transportation, architectural and medical. Much devotion and commitment has enabled ADI to produce quality projects of various magnitudes while utilizing diverse materials such as steel, alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic and more.

Founded in 1999, Arc Designs, Inc. has steadily grown to become a full service custom fabrication company. Thanks to the loyalty of our satisfied customers, we have evolved to become an industry leader in the greater Houston area. Our promise and daily mission at ADI is to continue to guarantee the same quality and dependable service that we have demonstrated over the years. As we look into the future, ADI will strive to further expand our team and technology and constantly grow as a fabrication corporation.

From plate burning to three-dimensional machining, Arc Designs, Inc. has invested years of dedication and hard work in acquiring the best equipment available. ADI also employs top of the line Enterprise Resource Planning (E.R.P.) software that streamlines the workflow, tracks jobs and inventories in real time while allowing us to maintain high standards.

Arc Designs, Inc. also focuses on continuous improvement by regularly evaluating operating procedures and researching the latest technology. Our efforts guarantee our clients high quality products, on time and within budget. We pay close attention to safety and follow a well-planned program. Consequently, our safety and quality procedures are a huge part of our success and future. As a service oriented company, ADI is committed to meeting our customers’ needs and working closely with them to develop ideas adn deliver products that fit their designs and exceed their expectations.

Arc Designs, Inc. is a full service custom fabrication company. Here is the list of services that Arc Designs, Inc specialize in:

Plate Cutting
Drilling Rigs