Self-Contained Restrooms


Portable Restrooms and More for Drill Ships, Drilling Rigs, Remote Locations, Emergency and Recovery Zones and More

These units can be equipped for one person to one hundred person units. Every unit will have sinks, urinals and toilets standard. Options are available such as A/C & Heat system, solar powered, wind powered, hot water units, bulk water storage, cistern storage systems and more. USCG approved. Solid organic waste is converted to liquid and primarily carbon dioxide gas by bacteria already present in the waste. No maintenance--periodically add chlorine slugs to treat liquid waste for discharge overboard. Operates with fresh or salt water. These systems can handle 1-100 people, 24 hours a day. These units can be designed for one toilet or more. Privacy walls and doors are standard. Stainless Steel sinks are an option to help reduce the need to repairs in hard environments offshore. Stall dividers are also available in custom aluminum with doors and with a powder coat finish. Simple and sturdy interiors have easy to clean walls, floors and ceiling. Stainless Steel sinks and counter tops are available. All plumbing is design to withstand harsh environments like offshore applications. Many options and custom sizes are available. Also bunk houses, storm shelters, panic/safe rooms, remote work and tool storage units are part of our product lines. Each unit is custom made for you with your needs in mind. We are located in Houston Texas and are able to ship all over the world.

Plate Cutting and Sawing

Plate Cutting

Plate Cutting

When you hear about sawing, not much comes to mind except, well, a saw. It’s a fairly basic process that’s used often enough to where everyone knows of it, but not enough to where everyone really knows much about it. One would think that sawing’s just sawing. That’s what it is and that’s just how it’s gonna be. Contrary to popular belief, sawing’s not just a handle attached to a sharped jagged blade. Yes it’s quite true, sawing can be sophisticated and be used for more than cutting wood and killing off people in horror movies. All jokes aside, sawing really has evolved over the years since its inception. Nowadays, there are mechanical saws such as the radial arm and electric miter saw that can do much more than just cut wood. Cutting through pure rock and steel is entirely possible now. Of course if you’re in the industry, this isn’t news, but for many people outside of the industry, it may come as a shock when you tell them that giant mechanical piece of a machine is a saw. Yes that is a saw and it is cutting through many inches of steel.

Plate cutting’s pretty much in the same boat when it comes to general public knowledge. Heck some people might even think its where you cut dishes. Although with plate cutting tools, that is most definitely possible, it is also most definitely not what the process is about. Plates of metal must be cut and shaped a certain way for specific projects. The best part about it is that you don’t even really have to do it yourself anymore! With the aid of computers, CNC Plate Cutting aka Computer Numerical Control Plate Cutting is where the computer and the software utilized with it does all the work for you. Well not all of it. Employees still have to be trained in using the software, the computer, and still be educated on how plate cutting works. Even if a doctor can just press a button to complete a surgery, you’d sure feel a whole lot better if he we knew what he was doing anyways. Even if a computer was there to make it much easier.

Structual Steel Fabrication


Welding overhead

Structural Steel Fabrication at Arc Designs, Inc. in Houston Texas is what we do.  ADI can fabricate a wide variety of steel, stainless and aluminum structures, fames or brackets.  We can offer a simple part to a very complex job with thousands parts.  CNC Plate Cutting and CNC Machining all in house, helps us control our quality and delivery time.  Contact us today to see how we can help on your next project.

Fabrication is the making of metal tools and structure via bending, cutting, welding, or assembling. The fabrication process is more important than you know. Those in the industry are aware of the importance, but to industry outsiders, the term fabrication is unknown. Common misconceptions of resources such as gas and electricity being the most important in industries are everywhere. Walk into an office and ask anyone: “What’s the most important thing here?” Chances are they’ll say the boss, money, the energy source powering the office, or clients. Many overlook the most important aspect of business and production: What makes it all possible in the first place.

Arc Designs Inc. has years of of experience. Combined with their expert employees and working knowledge, Arc Designs Inc. will ALWAYS provide the best in products and services that far surpasses the normal industry standards. Arc Designs Inc. specializes in what’s most-needed, but is fully able of also doing ANY work within the industry. Approach Arc Designs Inc. with the full confidence that we exceed the quality and performance of any fabrication company. ADI is one of a handful of metal fabricators in the tri-state area that have the prestigious 4F Certification from API.

Plate Burning

Bevel Head

CNC Plate Cutting in Houston, Texas done RIGHT!   Plate Cutting up to 10ft x 40ft plate, with thickness ranges from 1/8″ to 8″ thick.  Carbon Steel grades from A36, A572-50 and A514 steel in stock.  Aluminum and Stainless cutting with our Hy-Def Plasma allows for a quality cut every time.  Cutting Bevels on the table is a snap, our NEW 360 degree Bevel Head is fully programmable to burn straight and radius bevels while the parts are being cut to size. 

Arc Designs, Inc. is a leading custom metal fabrication service provider with a special focus on high standards of excellent service and quality. From making parts to fabricating complete products, Arc Designs, Inc. is your number one source for quality metal fabrication. If you have a design concept that you need produced, we can help! Just bring your concept to us, and one of our engineers will use computer aided design to make a working model of your idea. Give us a call today at 281-940-0430 or Request A Quote. Let us put our experience to work for you TODAY!

Plate Cutting Line Sheet

10ft x 40ft Cutting Table

20ga to 8in Thick

2 OXY Fuel Torches

1 Hy Def 400 AMP Plasma Head

CNC 360deg Beveling Head on Plasma

Can bevel top and bottom of plate and landing, or full bevel up to certain thickness

8ft x 20ft Cutting Table, OXY Fuel Torch, 200 AMP Conventional Plasma

CAD/CAM Nesting, can import customer 2D or 3D parts

Full Traceability using Cad/Cam and ERP software for data books


Pins made just for you

PinsAt Arc Designs, Inc. we have a full CNC machine shop that can produce pins and shafts just as you need them.  We take your designs and drawings and produce them into finished products.  Using CAD/CAM software we can design or import your design into the software and program the machines to accurately machine your parts with the correct dimensions all the time, every time.  As you can see in the picture, once the job is completed we have the Quality Control Department check all the parts with the Work Order and Drawings to make sure all needs and specs are met.  Then they place the accepted sticker on the parts to show they are approved and ready to ship to the customer.  We can work with mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel and heat treated alloys, nothing is to difficult for our CNC department.

API 4F 4th Edition

RigAs of Aug 1st 2013 Arc Designs, Inc. has been delivering drilling structures to the newest API 4f 4th edition specification.  This newest spec focus’s on more details related to 4F and had several changes from the 3rd edition.  For more info on what is new contact us today.   We are the leading “Drilling Structure” manufacture in Houston Texas.

NEW CNC Plate Cutting

BevelHeadArc Designs, Inc. will be taking delivery of its new plate cutting machine in Jan 2014.  Our new machine will have the cutting capacity of 10ft x 40ft for plate from 24 ga to 8in thick, plasma cutting using a 400 amp Hydef cutting machine and multiple Oxyfuel stations.  We will be able to bevel using the CNC 360deg plasma bevel head to allow us to bevel plates on the table while being cut out to allow for faster production time.  The bevel head will rotate around 360 deg to go around a radius, for example a pad eye that requires a bevel/chamfer for a guide or weld bevel.  This machine will also etch using the plasma head and the pneumatic peen head to label parts with any data needed while on the table before being cut out and cleaned.  Over all the machine will increase our production to allow for faster and more accurate on delivery dates.

Drilling for Oil

Drilling started over two thousand years ago in ancient China with a pulley system that had a rate of penetration of approximately 2 feet per day. Creating a wellbore could take as long as 3 years. They used oxen to rotate bamboos underground to make their own version of coil tubing.

Currently, drills can have a penetration rate of up to 50 feet an hour. What we can do in 1 hour with a drilling rig took our ancestor’s nearly a full month. The technological advancements in drilling really have come a long way. We’re now able to get large quantities of oil to power vehicles and many machines needed for the daily industrial and civilian life.

Basically, drilling is not getting a giant sharp drill like object and powering it through the ground. When seen at basic level, yes, drilling is more or less a simple concept to understand. But to actually drill? Not really. Effective and safe drilling requires an extraordinary amount of knowledge and data. The corrosion rate of pipes & other possible inevitable defects must be prepared and calculated for. How much will a pipe buckle at what point and how it will buckle are just two of the many issues that must be appropriately dealt with through a great deal of calculation.

With all these issues to look at, it can be assumed that there’s is no room for error. However, there’s room for error, but only to a certain point. Once the pipes break or if the drilling rig malfunctions, it costs a lot to replace the parts and materials & resume the operation. It may seem simple, but drilling requires a lot more than it seems so think twice before you pass off drilling as mundane.

Rig Walking Systems

Drilling Rig Walking System

Land drilling rigs are in high demand these days. So being able to move the rig to multiple spots within one location without rigging down, is becoming the “norm”. The oil and gas industry has diversified the use of these types of systems for the movement from well to well for the land based drilling structures. Arc Designs, Inc. is helping drillers to not have to rig down and disassemble the rig just to move to try another location near by. Our rig moving system consists of several components that work in unison to lift and reposition the heavy load of the rig. The key to performing this safely and without possible damage to the rig is the control system. Hydraulic control systems have been prominent in the well drilling industry for decades, but with todays technology and our innovation we have developed control systems that not only lift and move your rig, but do it with precision. Our system is engineered to perform at optimal efficiency and virtually maintenance free, that’s what todays drillers are looking for. The Arc Designs, Inc. team will help make sure our walking system will fit your needs and your rig.

Arc Designs Inc. is a full service fabrication company that excels in providing the best to customers in its industry. API and AWS certified, any product or service Arc Designs Inc. provides is guaranteed to be top of the line quality and unsurpassed in performance. Please contact us today to see how our Rig Walking System can help your rig move faster and safer soon.

Design – Not Your Average Artist

Design typically means fashion, colors, and other glamorous aspects. In the world of fabrication? Not so much. Your usual designer and artist can paint beautiful images and design fancy dresses to wear at red carpet events. That’s one way to go. Designers or “artists” if you will, in the fabrication industry focus more on what it should be rather than dreaming about its possibilities. Designing in the fabrication industry means drawing blue prints of the most complicated machinery and tools. Additionally, they must account for what materials must be used, how much of it, and where. Of course its not always for a complicated project, but lets face it. In this day in age, if the project was that simple, you wouldn’t be calling in a professional to create the architecture of the product.

This is what you might think of when you hear the word artist in the normal world:

This is what an designer or “artist” does in our world of fabrication:

Design isn’t always flashy or beautiful, but in the world of fabrication, design carries its own meaning and unique beauty.